Steter AU: Peter is a serial killer and Stiles is the victim he just couldn’t kill [part 1, part 2, part 3]

Peter knows he has to repair his relationship with Stiles, get it back to the way it was before he killed Lydia. So he goes back to Plan A: Be Stiles friend. It’s easy to do since Peter has never felt more like himself than he does around Stiles. Stiles says it isn’t working but Peter can’t help but notice that His Boy is smiling at him again.

"Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing," Stiles says after he finishes chuckling at Peter’s joke.

Peter pauses, his smile dropping slightly at the teens sudden seriousness “Oh?”

"You’re pretending to be my friend, get my defenses down," Stiles says with a shrug "Hate to break it to you but snarky jokes, bad coffee and buying me dinner isn’t going to make me forget that you killed my girlfriend."

Peter bites back a comment on how Lydia was never his girlfriend. How the girl was simply using him to get back at Jackson and how Stiles only would have ended up hurting because of her. Those sorts of conversations never end well and they’re having such a nice time. “I’m not pretending anything Stiles. I enjoy your company and while I admit I want something more I do consider you a friend. Something that won’t change should you win this little game of ours and I end up behind bars.” Silence falls over them until Peter adds “Also I thought you liked my coffee.”

Stiles gapes at him and Peter knows he’s trying to find the lie that doesn’t exist. That not finding it is fustrating and confusing him to no end. Finally he sighs taking another drink and says with a reluctant smirk “Your coffee tastes like piss.”

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